Statesville Record and Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina (2024)

of THE STATESVILLE, N. LA LANDMARK. K. LOCAL MERCHANTS WARN CONGRESS ITS WORK INCOMPLETE People Will Not Stand For Higher Taxes SHOULD CUT AT LEAST $600,000.000 The Statesville Merchant Association sent the following telegram, to Congressman R. L.

Tuesday, Doughton: "Hon. R. L. Doughton, Washington, D. C.

"Sir: "The vote in the senatorial primvoices in part the disapproval of ary people in respect to the our unincrease in all manner of including the increased tax necessary taxes, on "There should be no time lost in electric power. correcting this mistake. until Congress drastic reductions are made in Federal should remain in session expenses. $150,000,000 is wholly inadequate. In our opinion, minimum.

000 should be the "We know your attitude and do therefore, expect a reply to this not, message. The need of legislation, however, appears us So urgent that we are constrained to bring this matter again to your attention. "Respectfully, "Statesville Merchants, Association, E. Ramsey, President." Jurors Are Drawn for August Term of Court Jurors have been drawn to serve at the next term of Iredell Superior court, which convenes Monday, August 1, as follows: First Week. J.

G. Holcomb, A. M. Campbell, R. R.

Schell, R. M. Rickert, R. R. Lazenby, N.

G. Sloan, W. B. Chambers, W. Creswell, R.

E. Gatton, Lee Alexander, Elgie Hamlet, R. Lathan Mills, J. P. Gabriel, N.

W. Thompson, W. C. Ramsey, Fred R. Sills, W.

M. Pressly, N. C. Henley, J. E.

Sprinkle, S. W. Y. Moore, C. Brown, W.

Page, O. M. McLelland, John A. Clark, H. G.

Morrison, T. Ross Alexander, E. L. Rufty, M. C.

Sample, W. A. Smith, R. E. Whitener, G.

H. Deal, John N. Gilbert, W. W. Goodrum, J.

H. Weaver, O. J. Sherrill, C. O.

Bumgarner. Second Week. L. A. Parks, Keith Cornelius, Hubert Reid, D.

L. Bowles, S. F. Renegar, Reid R. Morrison, L.

G. Sloop, P. A. Kelly, D. S.

Thomas, S. A. Grier, W. B. Harris, A.

Elam, B. C. Niblock, Glenn Summers, P. D. Turbyfill, George L.

Mobray, Henry E. Miller, Eugene Reavis, W. W. Stroud, R. O.

Miller, J. D. Joyner, A. C. Craven, Ed.

L. Long, E. E. Edmiston. Young People on Picnic at Barium Intermediate Conference at Mitchell College Proving Very Successful -Even Larger Enrollment Expected Next Week.

A picnic at Barium Springs and music and entertainment at the colVege Thursday evening climaxed a day's program at the intermediate young people's conference, at Mitchell College. Every minute of the day was crowded with activity for the enthusiastic intermediates. The morning hours were given over entirely to class work- Bible and mission study. In the afternoon they were on a picnic at Barium Springs, enjoying swimming and other recreation preliminary to the picnic supper. The service, in charge Rev.

C. D. per Denham, of Mooresville, was held at Barium immediately after supThen group returned to the college done the evening program. per. Rev.

T. Cook, of Salisbury, spoke in the college auditorium at 8 o'clock, and a program of music and other entertainment from 9 to 10 o'clock concluded the evening. Rev. J. C.

Caligan, of Valdese, will sing negro spirituals; there will be pipe organ music by Mr. Claude T. Carr, of Mooresville; and other entertainment features in charge of Rev. Mr. Cook.

Friday will be the last day of the intermediate conference, which will close with breakfast Saturday, morning. Next week, beginning Monday, a conference for senior young people of Concord Presbytery will be held at the college. A hundred or more delegates already registered for this conference, Rev. J. L.

a Parks, conference director, said this morning. Two Miners Killed and Ten Entombed Greensburg, July Two were killed, seven were injurten entombed by falling coal Edna Number 1 mine of the Carr Coal Company today. rescue crews were rushed to afternoon session four cases charged with miners were continued and follows: Nick in the Mack Bustle John Mine Coming and Mrs. F. E.

Cass, at their in Olin, a daughter, Dorothy to at- Mrs. Cass, before her marriage, Miss 'Zoe Lazenby. in in in in in in a label on your paper and don't let your subscription expire! VOL. 59. MURDER ANGLE ENTERS CASE OF SMITH REYNOLDS The Couple Were Lying Across Bed When He Was Shot THIS CONTRARY 'HIS WIFE'S STORY July TwinSentinel today says it learns Winston-Salem, from authority" that Smith City "high Reynolds and his bride, the former Libby Holman, Broadway revue star, were lying across a bed together when the heir to the Reynold's tobacmillions was fatally shot early co yesterday.

Sentinel says this statement was made to investigating officers Reynolds before she calby Mrs. learning of her huslapsed upon band's death. First reports had said Mrs. Reynolds was in a nearby bedroom at! time of the shooting. Ab Walker, friend of the Reynolds who was spending the night in the house, said he was on the floor when he heard a shot folfirst Iwed by Mrs.

Reynolds' scream. He said he dashed upstairs and found Reynolds alone on a sleeping porch with a revolver nearby. J. Reynolds, brother of Richard the dead youth, was located by his attorneys today cruising in a yacht off the east coast of Africa. Coroner W.

N. Dalton, who pronounced the death a suicide, said he heard nothing of the report that had Reynolds and his wife were together when the shot was fired. He said is satisfied the shooting was a suicide and that he considers the investigation closed. Reynolds' body was removed from the funeral parlor afternoon and taken to the Reynolds, estate. Funeral services will be held tomorrow.

T. L. Hege Fatally Shot by His Wife Leaksville Woman Kills Husband, Self- Defense Verdict Rendered By Coroner's Jury. Leaksville, July, 7-T. L.

Hege fatally wounded by his wife here was yesterday afternoon about o'clock when she shot him with a pistol. He was carried to a hospital and died there at 3:30 o'clock. A coroner's jury impanelled rendered verdict that the deceased came to his death from pistol wounds inflicted at the hands of his wife in self defense. It was alleged at the that Hege had brandished a hearing stick and had threatened to kill his wife. It was also reported that he had been drinking.

The couple hed had previous family quarrels, it was stated. Hege and his wife had been living in Leaksville for the past 10 or 12 years. Burial will be conducted at Winston Salem, the former home of Mrs. Hege, Thursday afternoon at Union Ridge church. He is survived by one son and two daughters, Spencer, Helen and Dorothy Hege.

New Orleans, July wide inquiry into southern liquor operations was launched today, by federal officers on the information contained in papers found on the body of "Big Jim" Clark, New York gangster and rum runner who was shot down here yesterday. assistant federal district attor-' said discovered in Clark's possession rendicated a systematic use of bribes in high places for protection of his big rum syndicate. Walker Tomplaine, who said he shot Clark in self defense has been arrested. Southern Liquor Operations. Home Loan Bank Bill Moving Slowly.

Washington, July 7. The almost completely altered home loan bank bill moved slowly forward in the senate with senators from agricultural states urging relief for farmers as well as home owners. Dakota, resumed his efforts to Senator Frazier, Republican, North, a rider to the bill for refinancing farm mortgages at 1 1-2 per cent through a treasury bond and curren-, ey issue. House on Cherry Street Almost Totally Destroyed by Fire. A house on Cherry street, occupied the family of the late John Gray.

colored, was almost totally destroyed fire early this morning. A teleaby phone call came to the station at 40 o'clock this morning and the firepulled Box 524, corner of Pattermen son and West End avenue, origin of the fire is not known. The Elliott Grice Drowns. Gastonia, July Elliott Grice, 20, of the Tex Mill village, drowned yesterday while swimming in Mountain. South Fork river near Spencer WEATHER Partly tered showers today.

day generally fair. The date on the label is the date your paper will be stopped! No. 11 Mr. R. B.

Morrow Dies In Shiloh Robert Bains Morrow, 30 Mr. years of died Thursday afterat 3 o'clock at the home of his noon Mr. and Mrs. H. N.

Morrow, in parents, Shiloh township, after ten weeks' illness with typhoid fever. The funeral service will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from church, and interment will be in Shiloh church cemetery, Mr. Morrow leaves is father and mother, live on No. 10 highway of Statesville, and four brothers and six sisters. A Judge Doubts the Sanity of Elliott Columbia, S.

July Blackwood today ordered Henry B. Elliott, 19-year-old Horry county farmer under arrest of death for the murder of his wife, brought to the state penitentiary here for a mental examination. The governor took the action on the request and recommendation of S. W. G.

Shipp, trial judge, who said "doubt has arisen in my mind as to the sanity of the defendant." Veterans Will Be Offered $100,000 For Fare Home Washington, July to a request by President Hoover the house appropriation committee today approved a $100,000 fund for transportation of, the army of bonus seeking war veterans back to their homes. This action came as police intervened to prevent what appeared to be imminent trouble at the bonus marchers camp at Anacostia. The threatened disturbance quickly sided when police stepped in. The legislation to take the former service men away from Washington will be reported on by Chairman Byrnes to the house for action after disposition of the relief bill. The Hearing for Lloyd Postponed The preliminary hearing for Lloyd, scheduled to have been given Wednesday afternoon before Justice N.

D. Tomlin, has been indefinitely postponed on account of the illness of the chief prosecuting witness in the case. Lloyd, who lives on 7th street, is charged with attempted criminal assault on Mrs. Ray Eidson, who also lives on 7th street. Awaiting the preliminary investigation Lloyd is confined to the county jail without the privilege of bond.

American Fliers Long Overdue in Moscow, Russia The dark span of 950 miles from Berlin to Moscow today failed to yield any word of America's newest air heroes- James Mattern and Bennett Griffin. conquerors of the Atlantic, now long overdue in Moscow. Landing at Berlin yesterday after r. record-breaking flight from Harbor Grace. Newfoundland, they took off for the soviet city at 3 o'clock F.

S. T. in quest of a new roundworld record. the They had expected to reach Moscow last night and after a brief rest head into the vastness of Russia's steppes and mid-Siberia. In New Clarence Page, er of the flight, was visibly, cerned upon being, informed fliers had not been heard from since leaving Berlin.

"It looks sort of bad," he said. "They have enough gas to go to Omsk but it would be too close a cail." Hallam Cooley, Screen Star, Defendant In $200.000 Suit. Los Angeles, July 7. Mrs. Clara L.

Bates, wife of of of of of of of of George C. Bates, a retired banker Columbus, has filed a $200,000 alienation of affections suit against Hallam Burr, motion picture actor, and his wife, Elizabeth. Burr is known on the screen as Cooley. Mrs. Burr is Bates' daughter by a prior marriage.

The complaint said Mrs. Burr threatened to commit suicide second unless Cher father separated from his "wife, and the actor and his wife are accused of breaking up Mrs. Bates' home. Goldsboro, July 7. Goldsboro ran a temperature yesterday and stood as the first North Carolina city to report breaking 100 this summer.

At p. m. yesterday the thermometer stood at an official 100 1-2. The previous season high had been 100 even. Goldsboro Reports As First Tar Heel City To Break 100.

Rocky Springs Home Coming Will Be Held July'31 Satur- The Rocky Springs Home, will be held the fifth Sunday Everyone is cordially invited tend. Mrs. U. A. Ostwalt Dies Suddenly from A Heart Attack Mrs.

U. A. Ostwalt, of Troutman, died at Long's Sanatorium Thursday afternoon at 12:30 o'clock, her unexpected death from a heart attack oc- she curring about two hours after had undergone an operation. She entered hospital Thursday morning. The funeral service will be held this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the Troutman Methodist church, of which Mrs.

Ostwalt had been member since early life. The pastor, Rev J. H. Bradley, will be assisted in the service by Rev. P.

D. Risinger and Rev. J. L. Hood, both of Troutman.

The body will be laid to rest in St. Michael's cemetery Mrs. Ostwalt, whose maiden name was Miss Harriet Lillian Collins, was born and reared near Troutman, a daughter of Mr. J. P.

Collins and the late Mrs. Sue Collins. She was, 56 vears of age. Mrs. Ostwalt leaves her husband, Mr.

U. A. Ostwalt, well known builder and contractor, and the following children: Mrs. Flake Murdock, of Troutman; Mr. C.

H. Ostwalt and Mr. T. C. Ostwalt, of Statesville; Mrs.

Albert Johnson, of Troutman; and Mrs. Mina Troutman, of Williamsburg, Va. Her father, Mr. J. P.

Collins, of Troutman, survives, and four brothers and a H. J. D. and W. A.

Collins, of Troutman; and Mrs. A. S. Alley, of Troutman. House Expected To Pass Relief Bill Quickly Washington, July house to- an hour earlier than usual the plunged into consideration of the day relief bill in an efGarner hasten decision on the raging dispute between President Hoover and Speaker Garner.

Indications were that the house would accept the conference report the $2,100,000,000 measure and 011 send it to the senate immediately. It includes the provision supported by Garner providing that loans may be made to all persons having adequate security from the $3,500,000,000 reconstruction finance corporation. provision President and Hoover has is opposendicated he would veto the measure if it is retained. President Hopes Congress Soon Will Adjourn Washington, July 7. Senator Kean Republican, of New Jersey, after a call at White House said had told President Hoover he believed the senate would reject the individual loan provision of the Wagner Garner relief bill championed by Speaker Garner.

Hie said he gained the idea from the Chief Executive that Congress would be able to adjourn shortfly but he would "a not fix week the or time two." more He definitely than said he came, principally to talk to Mr. Hoover about the possibilities of an early adjournment. Petition Garner To Get Behind Beer Legislation Washington, July petition to tion on for revenue legislation Speaker Garner, urging immediate acwas circulated today among Republican anti-prohibitionists. The petition was agreed upon yesterday at a meeting of the Republican wet block. Its drafting was completed by Representative La Guardia of New York and it was immediately passed from hand to hand by the Republican group.

Mr. Jim Wood's House Damaged by Blaze Mr. Jim Wood's house, on Hickory street, was considerably damfire early Wednesday. A telephone, call at alarm 12:15 from a. Box m.

613, was an and a second alarm in rapid succession from Box 614. No one was at the house when the blaze was discovered by Mr. Bolick, who was on duty at a filling station near the western city limits. It was about a 50 per cent damage, Chief C. L.

Gilbert stated, in making report today of the fire. It is understood that Mr. Wood carried some insurance on his property. Four Cases Continued At the Tuesday of Recorder's court against defendants manufacturing liquor ed until July 11, as Dalton, Hamp Bustle, and John Russell. Dorothy Wade Cass.

Commissioners in Session Tuesday Draw Jury for Next Term of Court and Receive Tentative Settlement from Sheriff for 1931 Taxes. In addition to drawing jury for next term of Superior court and the transaction of the usual routine matters, the Iredell county board business, of as follows: commissioners transacted E. E. Harmon, of Bethany township, was allowed a rebate of $32.98, charged through error. Sheriff G.

C. Kimball's report showed that the total tax collections for the month of June were 86. The sheriff's tentative settlement for the 1931 taxes was tendered, but owing to the form in which it was drawn, acceptance was deferred until July 14, at which time another meeting of the board will be held. Miss Sloan, home demonstration agent, and Mr. Morrow, county farm agent, filed their reports for the month of June.

The board adjourned to meet again Thursday, July 14, for the purpose of considering the budget. The State Will Operate Barium Springs School Orphanage Officials Make Application For State Aid and County Board Approves. The Iredell county board of education, in monthly business session Monday in the office of Supt. J. H.

Gentry, voted to recommend to the state board of equalization that the Barium Springs school be taken over for operation by the state during the year 1932-33. It was planned the orphanage officials, to turn the state Barium Springs over to the for operation last year, but certain details could not be perfected. "Most of the orphanage schools of state will be operated this year state ed, in giving report of the action of equalization board," Mr. Gentry statthe Iredell county board. The county board agreed not to ask for any capital outlay budget for the school year 1932-33, due to the strinof the present period.

Last gency year, the superintendent explained, a total of $14,078.24 was allowed, but the county board lacked about $1,000 of spending that amount. In going over the budget, Mr. Gentry stated that the county board of education is asking this year around $15,000 less of county funds than last year. Exhibits Watermelon From Last Year's Crop Freaks resulting from the mild winter have about all been told, but along comes Mr. R.

L. Sherrill with that takes the prize. Mr. SherVilli Wednesday, July 6, exhibited watermelon in good condition that left over from last year. It is of the Fiddler variety and was grown by his brother, Mr.

H. W. Sherrill, from in Catawba county. It was pulled the vine last November and from its appearance might be placed with the new crop and sold as a good melon. Death of Mrs.

Bryan. Mrs. Julia Conrad Bryan died in Charlotte a few days ago, in. her 79th year. She was the mother in law of Mr.

Frank M. Caldwell, formerly of Statesville, who married her only daughter. Mrs. Bryan was the widow of George W. Bryan.

long a prominent business man of Charlotte. She is survived by her daughier and two grandchildren, Bryan Caldwell and Jane Caldwell. Frank Caldwell, as the older residents remember, the youngest son of the late Editor Jos. P. Caldwell.

He was born in Statesville and lived here during his boyhood. Local Scouts in Camp This Week at Allison Lake The Scouts of Statesville Troop 2, Mr. Clyde Alexander, Scoutmaster, are in camp this week at Allison's Lake. Scoutmaster Alexander is not with the troop, but Assistant Scoutmaster Charles Ritchie is serving as leader in Mr. Alexander's absence.

The boys wen to the lake Wednesday and will remain till Saturday. In group are Scouts Bobby Jenkins, Gaither, Glenn Crowell, Clyde, L. Gilbert, Jimmie Deaton, J. T. Taylor, Fred Harbin, Dicky Brawley, Jimmie Hughey, Alan JohnBillie Sample and John Kiser.

son, The campers have one visitor with them the lake- Pete Snyder, young son of Scout Committeeman J. M. Snyder. Pete isn't a Scout yet, but will be as soon as he's old enough. Former Secretary Of War Expects To.

Back Gov. Roosevelt. Cleveland, July D. Baker' last night said he would support the candidacy of Governor Roosevelt for the presidency. Baker, questioned by newspaper reconcerning his attitude toporters ward the Democratic standard bearer, said he was surprised there was any doubt as his loyalty toward either the party for the candidate.

Funeral Held for Mrs. W.C. Service Conducted Monday Afternoon From St. John's Lutheran ChurchInterment In Oakwood. The funeral service for Mrs.

W. C. Troutman, whose death occurred Sunday afternoon, was held at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon from St. John's Lutheran church, and interment was in Oakwood The service was charge Troutman's pastor, Rev. J.

Lewis Thornburg, assisted by Rev. P. D. Risinger, of Troutman. The pallbearers were Messrs.

Grover Huffman, L. S. Gilliam, D. F. Miller, L.

Lanier, George Cline and J. C. Brown. The flowers were carried by Mesdames C. L.

Gilbert, C. J. Troutman, D. L. Raymer, Litaker, A.

J. Hoover, F. Miller, E. A. Frye, P.

M. Cline, W. D. Atwell, Q. E.

Lail, H. L. Troutman, C. A. Kyles, J.

C. Brown; Misses Elmira and Regina Hoover, and Sarah Louise Washam 4-H Club Camp be Held at Swannanoa The annual 4-H club camp for boys and girls of the 4-H clubs of Iredell county will be held at Swannanoa July 13-18, according to announcement row and Miss Virginia today a by County Agent A. R. MorH. Sloan, home agent.

To he eligible for camp the club member must be fourteen years old during this club year, or before December 1st. Club records of achievement and must be up to date and the member's eligibility checked. Boys of the 4-H clubs whose records nave not been checked are asked bring these books, to the county agent's office, leave them there, before for the camp. Letters to club boys and girls giving full instructions as to supplies needed, are being mailed today from the county agent's office. The campers will leave Statesville by school on Wednesday morning, 8 o'clock, and return to Statesville on Tuesday, the 19th, by 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Cases Heard In Recorder's Court In Recorder's court Tuesday, Lee Cheek entered a plea of guilty of the charge of operating a car while intoxicated and was taxed with a fine of $50 and the cost. He was also debarred from the privilege of driving a car for three months. The case against A. C. Marlow, seduction, was continued until AuOther cases continued were: Walter Cassel, driving car while intoxicated, continued to pay fine until August Frank Triplett, transporting and possessing liquor, continued to August 1, for cost; L.

0. Piefce, possessing liquor, continued until July 11; Robert Pierce, assault with deadly weapon, continued until July 11. J. B. Shaver tendered a plea of guilty of transporting and possessing liquor, and prayer for judgment was continued upon payment of the cost, the defendant being allowed two weeks in which to pay the cost.

Russell Marlow drew 65 days on the roads for driving a car while intoxicated, and is not to drive 3 mOtor vehicle for a period of three months. Monticello Seeks To Retain High School Grades The county board of education, in monthly business meeting Tuesday, heard a delegation of citizens from Monticello who asked that two years of high school work be retained. The board favored request, voting to recommend to the equalization board that Monticello be allowed two high school teachers and that they have two years of high school work. Mr. E.

B. White appointed a committeeman at Long's school. Other matters were taken up by the board at the afternoon session. Postal Rate Effective Wednesday. The new postal rates, requiring three cents on all letters carried by a 2-cent postage stamp, were effective Wednesday, July 6.

Tuesday was the last day that "Uncle Sammy" could deliver a letter at the old 2-cent rate. Mr. W. E. Gardner Transferred to Murfreesboro.

Mr. W. E. Gardner, who has been assistant manager of the local store of the J. C.

Penney Company, has been transferred to Murfreesboro, to be connected with the company's store at Murfreesboro. Mr. P. P. Dearman underwent an operation fop, appendicitis Tuesday morning Davis hospital.

Friends will be glad to know that he is get-1 ting along nicely. Marriage License. Marriage license was issued today for Hewlette Bernard Carlton and Hattie Laura Caughman. Mr. P.

P. Dearman Undergoes Operation. CLARY HELD ON MURDER CHARGE IN TAYLORSVILLE B. Finger, G. White and W.

White Are Under Bond HELD FOR KILLING JOHN B. DEAL 36 FRED CLARY (By Miss Lula Matheson) Graham White, Broadus Finger and Taylorsville, July Clary, Walker White, young men of Iredell county, held in John connection with texthe fatal shooting of B. Deal, tile worker of Taylorsville, were before Magistrate H. C. brought Payne here Monday.

The four waived preliminary hearing and Clary, who is charged, with first degree murder, returned to the Taylorsville jail to await trial at the next term Alexander Superior court. The others, gave bond for their appearance court and were released. bonds of Finger and Graham White were set at $750 each, and Walker White's was $500. Deal died last Friday in the Davis hospital at Statesville, his death in the resulting from a pistol wound day night, June 25, at the home of abdomen. The shooting occurred SunEmma Davis in Alexander, county.

At the hearing Burke and Burke, of Taylorsville, and J. G. Lewis, of Statesville, represented the defendants and Solicitor John R. Jones was here to prosecute. Miss Lucile Shinn Is Champion Cake Maker of Iredell Miss Lucile Shinn, of the Oak Ridge 4-H club, is the champion cake maker of Iredell county, having won frst place the cake makng contest for 4-H club girls, according to announcement by Miss Virginia Sloan, home demonstration, agent.

Miss Shinn cake in the state contest in Raleigh on July 26th. The winner in the State contest is to receive a college scholarship. Miss Shinn is an outstanding 4-H club member, and has been president of the Oak Ridge 4-H club for two years. She was county health champion this year, and won second place in the biscuit-making contest in the county. Pink Shoemaker Dies in New Hope Mr.

Pink Shoemaker, 63 years old, died early this morning at his home in New Hope township. Mr. Shoemaker is survived by one son, Baldy Shoemaker, of New Hope. The funeral service was held at Taylor Springs Baptist, church, of which Mr. Shoemaker been a member for many years, Thursday morning, and nterment was in Taylor Springs cemetery.

Rev. Grady White was in charge of the service. Mr. Chas. P.

Davidson Appointed Adjutant Mr. Monroe Adams, recently elected commander of Hurst Turner Post No. 65, American Legion, announces the appointment of Mr. Chas. P.

Davidson as adjutant of the local Post. The new officers will be installed in October. John Black Dead. John Black, colored, 53 years old, a cement worker who formerly lived in South Statesville, died Saturday, at the Iredell county home. been health for some time.

Surviving are his widow, Matilda Black, in failing and 3 sons. The funeral service was held from the Rutledge Bigham funeral home at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, and interment was in the local cemetery. Miss Eleanor Morton Undergoes Operation. Miss Eleanor Morton, of Terrell, underwent an operation appendicitis Tuesday at Long's Sanatorium. Friends here will be glad to kno wthat she is getting along nicely.

County Commissioners In Session. The county commissioners were in regular monthly session Tuesday, routine matters claiming the attention of the board up to the noon hour. Marriage License. Marriage licenses have been issued for two couples Glenn Moses Wise and Helen Viola Fann; Dawson Bruce and Nettie Lee Salmons. Patricia Norris Born Saturday, July 2, to Mr.

and Mrs. Walker L. Norris, at their home on Western avenue, a daughter, Patricia Norris. the scene about nine miles west of here. to Mr.

Whether. any of the entombed men home in were hurt was not determined. The Wade Cass. reports to the coroner said A huge was piece of coal fell, blocking the mine passage. Colored Couple Wed.

Marriage license has been issued for a colored couple- George Morrison and Gertie Taylor,.

Statesville Record and Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina (2024)


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