Pan-Fried Halibut With Spiced Chickpea and Herb Salad Recipe (2024)



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You can substitute ground sumac for the dried lime...very similar flavor and much easier to find.That said, ground dried Persian lime is one of those ingredients which, after you have begun using it, you'll find yourself using it more frequently. If used sparingly, it has can enhance and elevate the other flavors of a dish without overwhelming.In my pantry it is in a category with Pomegranate Molasses, anchovy and sherry vinegar: subtle but powerful flavor builders.


Our local fish store did not have halibut so I used cod. It was delicious. I also served it with basmati rice.


Amazon and other online stores carry both ground Persian limes and whole ones (they're like marbles in size) you can crush into powder yourself.

Alan C Brownmd

Hate to complain but the problem with his recipes is that they are complicated and there are always one or two mystery ingredients like “dried limes” in this one. At least give us a suggestion of where to get the ingredients.


Halibut - perfectly crisp on outside, moist & flakey within. Accommodating tastes & ingredients meant adjustments: large shallot for garlic; no chiles; parsley to 1/4 cup; cilantro to 2 sprigs.On a rainy fall night, salad was too cool. Sautéed spring onions, most of the parsley and roughly chopped spinach briefly with residual marinade and lemon juice before gently tossing with sautéed chick peas as a warm base for the fish. Added remaining parsley and cilantro as garnish.


You can find them at Middle Eastern stores or order online from Amazon, <>, and other places. They are called limu omani or Lemon Omani.


Made this tonight and worked out really well. It’s a forgiving recipie, so you can put in a little more of this, a little less of that and no big deal. I used a jalapeno pepper, couldn’t find the lime (good to know about the sumac) and cooked the fish longer as we had thick filets, but it was all good. I’m sure if Halibut hadn’t been available this would have worked out well with most ocean whitefish with a big flake.


This was fabulous. Don’t skip yogurt at the end.

Miriam Freier

Yummy! The fish / chickpeas need more of the marinade than the recipe calls for. The yogurt dressing is crucial & added marinade to it needs to be cut back (was too oily). Halibut so easy to cook (don’t forget salt/pepper). I also squeezed lemon on it before serving. Sumac was excellent replacement. I used olive oil b/c of dietary restriction - would’ve crisped up more with veggie oil. Lovely dinner!


Delicious. Replaced the fresh chiles with Hatch diced green chiles.

Ted C.

I hate to complain too.... but 17 ingredients for a “week night” recipe sounds a bit much to take on, at the store and at home, when I get off of work. I know some of the ingredients are normal stuff like oil and salt, but some aren’t.


Has anyone tried this recipe by Ottolenghi:Spiced Halibut With Spinach and Chickpea Stew? It is also on this site and has almost exactly the same ingredients except you cook the spinach and a few additional ingredients.


instead of spinach, i microwaved and chopped broccolini as a substitute. much more subtantial. also added white vinegar and bit of agave into yogurt (like halal guys’ white sauce) before stirring in the marinade. so so good!


Made this last night. Excellent! Subbed sumac for lime per other review. Minced garlic for better distribution among fish, chickpeas, and yogurt. Halved the recipe for the two of us, but next time will make the full recipe of marinade. next time, will toss the yogurt with the salad before plating. Added a little evoo to the salad. Next time will rough chop the parsley.


This was absolutely delicious. The spiced yogurt on the salad really brought it up a level. I subbed tarragon for the cilantro because my husband is one of those "tastes like soap" people and it worked out well. The halibut was perfection.


Substituted sumac like everyone said, played with the salad used herbs in my aerogarden basil, mint, parsley. Put the garlic thru a press didn’t leave whole/crushed. Served with rice. Added a little more salt and pepper to the sauce. Was delicious!


Made exactly as written and it was perfect. So delicious! The combo of halibut, chickpeas, herbs, and salad were well balanced and I can’t wait for leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Tremendously delicious!! Although somewhat simpler than some Ottolenghi recipes I've come across, this was absolutely fantastic. The marinated garbanazos, once cooked, were, like, the best I've ever had. I didn't have quite the right herbs/proportions for the salad, but still it shone. And the halibut was terrific. I might make more of the salad next time.


Delicious. I roasted the chickpeas instead of frying them. 425 for about 20 minutes. Delicious!


Yummy, as is!

Sharon De Cook

My husband who hates fish, my fish, and cod in particular, liked this recipe, which I cooked with for myself, but shared with him. I would add more salt and some heat to the marinade next time, but it was delicious. Clever use of original marinade, 3 ways.Quibble is that the sumac changed the color of the sauce, so I might search for something less orange next time. A winner in our house for two people with opposite views of fish.


we subbed collards, fennel fronds, and chilli powder for the spinach, coriander greens, and green chillies. Because we had them in the fridge and they were was delicious and will definitely do this in halibut season or with out the fish!

Karen (Denver CO)

Absolutely delicious! I substituted a small kaffir lime leaf for the lime powder & added fresh micro greens in season to the herb salad.

Mark W

Really enjoyed the flavor of the marinated chickpeas. I used plain Greek yogurt and added lemon zest, a small amount of lemon juice, salt & pepper. The halibut was flaky and perfectly cooked at the five minutes (3 mins, then 2). Will definitely make again soon.

Andrea L

This was amazingly delicious.


So good. Do yourself a favor and also make Melissa Clark’s olive salsa verde to accompany. Amazing!!

Jeff Jaeger

This was excellent. I made it with a much less expensive fish (Barramundi) and it was delish.

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Pan-Fried Halibut With Spiced Chickpea and Herb Salad Recipe (2024)


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