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Greek Pastry and Greek Cake Recipes

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Recipe for Vasilopita Greek New Year’s Cake

Vasilopitais a New Year’s Day cake in Greece, which contains a hidden coin or trinket, which gives good luck to the lucky diner who finds it. On New Year’s Day... Read More

Recipe for Kourabiedes – Greek Sugar Cookies

Greeks have a food for nearly every occasion. It’s widely understood thatKourabiedesare the ultimate cookie to have around for all of life’s happy ce... Read More

Recipe for Bougatsa – Greek Style Custard Pastry

Greek Style Custard Pastry (Bougatsa) Recipe Ingredients: 1 large egg, at room temperature 1 egg yolk, at room temperature 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups whole ... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Almond Custard Triangles

This custard pastry is popular in Thessaloniki but it is made all over Greece. The smooth custard is made from almonds and it is then enclosed in a filo packet... Read More

Recipe for Koulourakia Voutirou – Greek Butter Cookies

These butter cookiesare traditionally made in Greece during celebrator occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Be sure to dunk them in your morning coffee, just li... Read More

Recipe for Greek Cookies with Orange and Cinnamon

These koulourakia cookies are typically made on the island of Crete and were traditionally served to guests. Hospitality is so important on Crete that many homes wou... Read More

Recipe for Greek Wedding Bread

This festive sweetbread originates on the Greek island of Lefkas and is served at weddings. It is scented with spices like coriander and honey gives it its sweet fla... Read More

Recipe for Sesami Biskoti – Greek Sesame Cookies

Ingredients for Sesami Biskoti: 3/4 cup tahini 3/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cardamom or cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup orange juice 3 cups all... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Sesame Halva

In Greece, there are two basic ingredients that make halva. In some version, semolina is used. In other versions, however, sesame seeds in the form of tahini paste i... Read More

Ekmek Kataifi Recipe – Custard with Whipped Cream and Pastry Recipe

This whipped custard dessert isn’t as common as some of the other Greek pastries are, such as baklava and koulourakia. However, it does have a special place in... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Grilled Bread

Crispy grilled bread is a staplein Greece. It’s eaten at all times of the day and is great smeared with honey, to dip into olive oil or other type of... Read More

Recipe for Krasokoulourakia – Greek Wine Cookies

These crispy cookies are delicately perfumed with sweet wine. You can use any type of sweet wine that you have on hand – but you should stick to sweet Greek...... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Stuffed Figs

Figs, both dried and fresh, can be found all over Greece.Greeks don’t just eat them plain, either. They make delicious recipes such as Syka Gemista, which is... Read More

Recipe for Greek Bread Dough Starter

Thisstarter dough is similar to the sourdough starters that are found in North America, except this recipe actually uses a small amount of store bought yeast to ge... Read More

Recipe for Christopsomo – Greek Christmas Bread

Christopsomois a cake that is typically served on Christmas Day in Greece. Preparing this bread as a Christmas treat is something that is said to help bring about ... Read More

Recipe for Fanouropita – Greek Cake for Lost Things

This cake is referred to as the “Cake for Lost Things.” It is made in honor of Saint Fanouros. Ingredients for Founouropita: 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 t... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Flatbread with Sesame Seeds

Lagana is a traditional bread that is served all over Greece. Some families tend to always serve it on Clean Monday. However, it is something that is also enjoyed al... Read More

Recipe for Karidopita – Vegan Greek Walnut Cake

Karidopita Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup mazola or canola oil 1.5 cups sugar 1.5 cup chopped walnuts 4 cups flour (use gluten-free if following a gluten-free diet) 1/2 c... Read More

Recipe for Greek Yogurt Cake

This Greek sour milk cake is actually made with tangy Greek yogurt, giving it that distinctive tart flavor. Greek Yogurt Cake (Yaourtopita) Ingredients: 3 1/2 cups f... Read More

Recipe for Tsourekia – Greek Easter Bread

Greek Bread (Tsourekia) Ingredients: 3 packages (2 ounces) yeast 1/2 cup (warm) water 1 cup milk 10-11 cups flour 7 eggs 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup (melted) butter 1... ... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Raisin Cake

Greek Style Raisin Cake (Stafithopita) Recipe Ingredients: 4 cups flour 5 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon, ground cloves 1/2 teaspoon salt 1... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Apple Cake

Greek Apple Cake (Milopita) Ingredients: 1 3/4 cup self rising flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 4 medium apples, peeled and cored 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 1/2 stick... Read More

Recipe for Greek Pita Bread

Pita bread is a staple of Greek cuisine. It is the bread used for gyros and it is often served with dips such as tzatziki and hummus. This recipe is... Read More

Recipe for Paximadia – Traditional Greek Biscotti

Paximadia Recipe Ingredients: 2 cupsvegetable oil, such as canola oil 2 cups orange juice 2 cups sugar 5 tsp baking powder 3 tsp cinnamon 7 cups flour (use gluten-... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Bread (Psomi)

Greek Style Bread Recipe Ingredients: 1 package active dry yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 3 cups all-purpose flour plus moreif needed 1 cup warm water 1 1/2 teaspoons salt... Read More

Recipe for Greek Country Bread

Traditional Greek bread that is produced in the villages often has a rustic appearance, thanks to the variety of grains available. This bread gets its rustic appeara... Read More

Recipe for Greek Breadsticks

Kritsinia are served all over Greece and are relatively easy to prepare with whatever dough you have on hand. This recipe uses the dough from Greek-style white bread... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Lemon Cake

This lemon cake has a Greek twist. Although not as well known as other Greek desserts, this dish can be found throughout Greece. Greek Style Lemon Sponge Cake (Pants... Read More

Recipe for Greek Layer Cake with Nuts

This dessert is served throughout Greece. You can use any nut you have on hand such as almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts. Greek Layer Cake with Nuts (Kopenhai) Recipe I... Read More

Recipe for Greek Bread Stuffed With Cheese

You can use any type of Greek cheese you want for this recipe, but the most traditional choice is feta. Feel free to substitute halloumi for the feta if you... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Country Bread With Feta Cheese

There is no one recipe for country bread throughout Greece. Rather, there are variations depending on the region of Greece, the ingredients that are on hand, and the... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Bread with Mint and Feta

Bread is a staple with Greek cooking, and there are many different kinds of bread recipes. This traditional recipes uses mint leaves and feta cheese to give it a dis... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Spinach Bread

This bread recipe packs a traditional Greek country bread style dough with plenty of flavor, thanks to the cumin, spinach, and feta cheese. Greek Style Spinach Bread... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Fennel Pies

This recipe for marithopites originates on the island of Crete. If you have traditional Raki from Crete, use that instead of the distilled vinegar. Greek Style Fenne... Read More

Recipe for Greek Shepherd’s Bread

Versions of this bread have been baked in Greece for centuries. Like most older recipes, it doesn’t use yeast and has the baker ferment the ingredients slightl... Read More

Cretan Style Country Bread With Cumin

Cumin is a popular spice on the island of Crete and is used in a lot of dishes. This bread is typical of the country breads found throughout Greece. Follow... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Olive Bread

This bread recipe uses olives and is popular throughout Greece. You can use either the traditional Greek bread recipe of the country bread recipe as the base, depend... Read More

Recipe for Greek Bread with Cheese and Oregano

In Greece, many breads start with the basic recipe as its base. From there, other ingredients are added for flavor and based on what people have on hand. This is... ... Read More

Recipe for Cyprus Cheese Bread (Flaouna)

This traditional cheese bread recipe originated on the island of Cyprus. It’s typically served at Easter. Cyprus Cheese Bread (Flaouna) Recipe Ingredients: For... Read More

Recipe for Greek Bread Rings With Sesame Seeds

Different recipes for koulouri, or bread rounds, can be found throughout Greece. Some are sweet and served mainly on special occasions. Others are eaten on a daily b... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Garlic Bread

Garlic is commonly used in Greek cuisine and this bread recipe is no exception! It features a standard white bread dough with whole garlic cloves baked in. Greek Sty... Read More

Recipe for Rusks – Cretan Style Twice-Baked Bread

On the island of Crete, a dish called Dakos, a type of Greek bruschetta is incredibly popular. To make it, you need Cretan rusks, which you can find in the... Read More

Recipe for Greek Style Bread With Currants

Bread is a staple of Greek cuisine, but that doesn’t mean it needs to always be plain. There are some regions of Greece where currants grow very well and this.... Read More

Greek Pastries and Cakes Recipes (2024)


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