ARK Survival Ascended Floating Turret Tower Build Guide (2024)

Protect your base with firepower from above as we show you how to build a floating turret tower in ARK Survival Ascended.

ByShane Moosa |

First Published January 18, 2024, 11:29

When it comes to defending your base or seeking additional firepower, turrets are an excellent choice for any ARK Survival Ascended player. Their effectiveness can be maximized with the right setup, and the concept of floating turret setups introduces an interesting and uniquely effective strategy.

If you haven't tried this method or want to understand more about how floating turrets can benefit you, read on. Below, we'll outline precisely how to construct the floating turret setup and explain why it's advantageous for any player in ARK Survival Ascended.

How To Build a Floating Turret Tower in ARK Survival Ascended

The initial step in constructing a floating turret tower involves placing any foundation and sinking it into the ground as low as possible. Subsequently, add a wall or any angled structure set at a 45-degree angle from the foundation (we'll use a wall in this example). Once this is established, position a spike wall at the top of the wall or ramp structure.

This setup facilitates the creation of a 45-degree snap point, enabling the placement of a TEK gate at a 45-degree angle next to the build. After achieving this, you can remove the initially placed foundation since it's no longer needed. Proceed to the next step by snapping a fence foundation to your TEK gate, then remove the TEK gate, leaving a 45-degree fence foundation in the ground.

Following this, position a foundation next to your fence and build up some walls on the fence foundation (a minimum of two). This combination allows the placement of a ceiling against the walls. From there, place a roof (or any angled flat structure) along the ceiling, creating a flat surface perfectly aligned at 90 degrees with the ground.

Repeat the previous step, placing a spiked wall at the top of the wall and snapping in a gate that now sits parallel (lengthwise) with the ground. Remove all other objects, leaving the gate untouched, as it will now stand perfectly on its own as long as it's touching the ground.

Next, snap fence foundations to the gate's snap points, and they will now sit completely flat against the ground, enabling the placement of walls on top of them. These walls will also be flat against the ground, leading to the tower portion of this setup.

The walls we've placed allow the snapping of both foundations and ceilings to them. Instead, we'll place behemoth cellar doors, specifically opting for TEK Behemoth Cellar doors (more on why shortly). Arrange these doors as desired, stacking them as high as needed.

Once placed, anything can be attached to them since they act as ceilings. In this setup, TEK double doorways are added, positioned along the sides of the behemoth cellar doors. These doorways create a pillar-like appearance around the cellar doors, and you can place as many as desired.

Now, access the menu for each behemoth TEK cellar door and set the "Auto Close" setting to "never," effectively making them transparent. This achieves the floating effect for the turrets. Consequently, you can place the turrets along the visible doorway pillars in any desired orientation, even upside down if preferred.

This setup provides turrets that are challenging to reach, and by concealing the base of the structure, most players won't be able to destroy them. Enemies are forced to engage the turrets directly with ranged weapons. Importantly, this strategy is fully legal and doesn't violate game rules, as the structure remains grounded and adheres to snap points.

Essentially, the y-axis of the structure is repositioned onto the x-axis of the game world, and if you have the necessary resources, this strategy is feasible and can be highly effective, especially in PvP scenarios. You can even set up armored turrets on these snap points if you're so inclined, so play around with them as you wish,

In summary, this comprehensive guide outlines the process of setting up a "floating" turret tower in ARK Survival Ascended. While the strategy may seem complex initially, checking out the detailed video breakdown by the content creator who we credit with this build, YouTuber Teachers Game Too, can provide additional insights and assistance.

ARK Survival Ascended Floating Turret Tower Build Guide (2024)


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